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Since 1998, B&B Company, which has developed 18,000 samples and 4,000 eye makeup products centered on 'Mascara', is a makeup applicator company that is proud of 'BEAUTY ARTISAN'.

For about 25 years, special technology and know-how have been verified without compromise through famous domestic and international brands, but for a long time, I had my own regrets and wishes. It was a limitation as a development and manufacturer that even if it was possible to implement more innovative and high-performance products technically, it could not get a chance to introduce them to consumers without the challenge of the brand.

Watching traditional supply chains collapse and all definitions and boundaries of manufacturing, distribution, and brands "evolve" in line with changes in consumer perception, B&B has the opportunity to regain its essence and establish a "new calling" through a shift in thinking.

'Makeup where you can experience the best eye beauty - Tech Company'

Based on a newly established sense of calling, we completed a product line that has been accumulated for a long time and user insights over a long period of three years, and finally launched our own product line with the eye makeup brand Quieton in June 2023.

With the technology, pride, and aspiration of B&B Company, Quieton promises to bring beauty lovers the infinite possibilities and charms of eye zone makeup.

Representative of B&B Company & Quietone Co., Ltd Sang-Ri Park, Mi-Suk Park