Corporation B&B COMPANY is a company whose life is full of life and trust.

CEO greeting

" A company that considers honesty and credit as life. "

Beautiful and delicate brush!
B&B COMPANY CO., LTD. has been running on more than a decade to produce brushes that can be appropriately use for human body. As the enterprise's principal of utmost importance to the honesty and trust, we have been developing with perspiration. To be not waste endless effort, company is advancing more and more to produce the best brush.

All of the interdental brush, mascara brush, medical brush, industrial brush, and e-sarang dental care products are solely manufactured in Korea. We established a foundation of through quality control system to approach close to the customer with the best quality. Also, in the basis of stable price and reliableness, we are giving the utmost endeavor to make hygienic and environmentally-friendly brush.

As we developed a bright future with the constant challenge and the passion of brush, B&B COMPANY CO.,LTD. will be reborn with variation and innovation. We will devote ourselves to improve new brushes with continuous top quality.

B&B COMPANY CO., LTD. Sang-Ri Park